Presentations during the day include:

What’s Good for Your Heart is Good for Your Brain (Phelps Hospital/Northwell Health)

Look Your Best: Learn about fillers, non-invasive face lifts, laser treatments and more. (Dr. Joon Lee, See Beyond Aesthetics)

A few of the workshops include:

‘Say Goodbye to Senior Moments: Learn what may be causing your memory lapses and what you can do about it.’

‘Understanding Probate and Other Legal Matters’

‘Fashion 2021’

With fitness classes running throughout the day.

And it’s all FREE.

A well-established memory care expert with practices at both Phelps Hospital/Northwell and Mt. Sinai in NYC, Cathryn will share her knowledge about how to best maintain optimal brain health today and in the decades ahead. Dr. Devons will join a panel of brain health experts in related fields of nutrition and exercise.

Medical Director of Scarsdale Integrative Medicine, Joon is also passionate about helping people look their best. Come learn and find out about non-invasive face lifts, types of fillers, laser treatments and more.

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